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FOX News
Sep 15, 2012 8:00pm PDT
poll out. in o-o and virginia, 5 point plus lead in those states and romney cannot concede those states, has to win two at them if not all three. >> paul: do you share kim's analysis, why obama got the conventi convention bounce, it was rooted into different presentations of the economic argument? >> i think that obama campaign put out a narrative that people are buying, to what extent it's the president's fault and romney has to do a better job. >> paul: and what is the narrative. >> well, bill clinton laid it out. >> paul: what is it? >> he said that president obama inherited a mess, that obama's policies made sure it didn't get any worse, but that no one could have gotten us back to normal, even him. >> on the the path of-- >> and it makes no sense to return the keys to the white house to the people who got us in the mess. >> and linking romney with bush in a lot of people's minds. >> full disclosure on last week's program i think certainly, and neither felt that neither convention did much to elevate their candidate. obama has gotten a much bigger bounce i think that is anybody was
FOX News
Sep 8, 2012 8:00pm PDT
, but florida, ohio, virginia, the rest, got a slight obama lead. what does it say about dan's point that it's a setup for a romney victory. >> i think that, one of the other things that you saw over the last month though again is a steady erosion of the obama lead in some of the swing states. so they're now poised to actually do well if they continue to make the case that everyone's been talking about in some of those states. but they have to do exactly what james said. they've got to go out and explain tax report and can't drop these other things on medicare and entitlement reform. they were beat up again on that and the democratic convention and they're going to have to continue to fight them on that. >> and one thing romney has to do, but bill clinton did for barack obama is explain some of the issues. and just matter of fact, factual point to take some of the fear out of it and explain in ways that people understand. >> that's what i'm suggesting. it's not complicated. mitt romney is a salesman. mitt, go out and sell your presidency. >> the other good thing coming out of this convention
FOX News
Sep 30, 2012 12:00pm PDT
in virginia, ohio. clearly where whener obama is clobbering romney. you are eight points up. it's not completely wrong but clearly intended to create a bandwagon on an effect that romney is a goner. >> rick: do you agree with cal that we're going to hear stories by a tightening of the race? is that because the media want to generate ratings or because there is guilt on the part of mainstream media, maybe we should be covering this more fairly than we have been. [ laughter ] >> i do think media polls can be a little crooked. so you say, ding, here it's been cooked. here is what you wanted. the thing is, they made a good analysis of the polls and there are biases but they are evenly split. some are weighted towards republicans and some are weighted towards democrats so the best is to look at the average and it tends to even out. it shows romney is down by about four points. >> one thing the media never do is do the survey of previous polls and show how wrong they were. remember, carter was going to clobber reagan. just like the fortune tellers, doesn't matter how many times they a
Search Results 0 to 11 of about 12 (some duplicates have been removed)